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Here at the Cleveland Ufology Project we’re in full swing into 2013 and have our 60th anniversary year behind us. We’re moving forward with ongoing projects and lining up programs for the year.

The most important note is that we will no longer be meeting at Michelle Star Yoga and Healing Arts. Our monthly meetings will be moving back to Cuyahoga Community College Western Campus starting with the February 16th meeting. We enjoyed Michelle’s space but unfortunately it will not be available any longer. So back to Tri-C we go. Keep an eye on our website for more details.

This month we will be talking about personal contact stories. This includes YOU! Come and tell us your UFO experiences and the newcomers and the veterans of the group will share theirs. We’ll also talk in more depth about the reports we collected during our 2012 Disclosure Day event.

In March, veteran CUP member Dale Harder will be speaking on a range of subjects including his involvement with the Ralph Ring Flying Saucers group.

In April, Sam Luciano will be giving us a talk about some new technologies he has been exploring and hopefully give us some demonstrations. This should prove to be a very energizing evening!

I hope to be posting more on this blog as well so check back for more interesting things to come!

Keep looking up!



Aaron Clark
Cleveland Ufology Project